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Transfer playlists and albums from iTunes to Spotify

If you have an extensive iTunes library but also like listening to music on Spotify, why not blend the two of them together?

This is precisely what you can do with Unify, a simple AIR-based app that lets you import albums and playlists from iTunes right into Spotify. Obviously, not all of your music will be available on Spotify – and the Spotify service is not available everywhere - but it's still a great way to have your whole music database gathered in one single place.

Using Unify is fairly simple. The program detects your iTunes media folder automatically – or asks for its location – and displays the content of your iTunes library on its interface. Unify will then try to locate each one of those songs on Spotify. All you need to do then is drag and drop any playlist or album from Unify's window onto Spotify.

Unify is not free and has some trial limitations, but at only £1.99 a license for the full version, I think we can all afford it!

With Unify you can import your favorite iTunes playlists and albums into Spotify, and enjoy all your music in one single program.


  • Easy, handy way to have all your music in one place
  • Very easy: simply drag and drop elements
  • Nicely designed


  • Not all the songs are found in Spotify

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Unify 0.5 for PC

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